Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Morning in the Church of Beethoven

For the past two years, I've carried a weekly Church of Beethoven link to his music via Twitter and finding many who agree that this is one profound spiritual gathering we can all agree on.  Beethoven for many is, indeed, their god.  And yes, there is actually a  (secular) Church of Beethoven in Albuquerque, founded in an old gas station, and now others elsewhere, such as in Oak Park, Illinois and Durham, N.C.  The music that I link to in this regard is usually not from his two masses, but we will kick off this feature at this new blog with the "holiest"--and possibly most beautiful--of all LvB compositions, the benedictus from the Missa Solemnis,  which I've seen performed twice in NYC the past two years on rare occasions, including this one from the London Symphony.

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