Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Day in the Life of 'The Ninth' (Literally)

You may have heard about this but never actually heard any of it: the famous digitally slowed down version of the Ninth Symphony, lasting for...24 hours. Some venues have hosted listening party sleepovers, with people sticking around for the whole "Beet Stretch" experience, as we note in our new book.  The portion below runs 10 minutes but even so just barely gets to the true opening bars, after the long, quiet, revolutionary orchestral "tune-up." It's completely mesmerizing but you may want to jump ahead to about the six-minute mark when it really starts to build by going here.   Cheap gimmick or spiritual experience?  For more: The whole piece plays all day and night via this site, just click for it, and go here for background on the project.  Brief video of a public performance.

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