Monday, February 13, 2012

'How a Longtime Rock 'n Roll Editor Became Obsessed With Beethoven'

Yours truly, as usual, "praying a record," as I'd sayThat's the title of my new piece at Huff Post -- which happens to be an excerpt from our new book.  My back pages, as someone once put it.  Excerpt from the excerpt: "From the age of four, music was my greatest love, even beyond baseball. I asked my parents to buy for me new singles by Tony Bennett and Eddie Fisher, and I entertained visitors by taking requests and spinning the 78s on my record player. Then rock 'n roll arrived, and like millions of other kids I became devoted to American Bandstand and Ricky Nelson playing his hits at the end of Ozzie & Harriet."  Obviously, that is yours truly in photo at left, caught in the act, with my brother.  Some things never change.

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