Friday, March 2, 2012

Lord of 'The Dance'

Wagner famously called it "the apotheosis of the dance." I have perhaps foolishly dubbed it "the birth of rock 'n roll." It is, of course, the final movement of the Symphony No. 7. Yes, it's not as celebrated as the slow movement--featured in so many movies, most recently at the climax of The King's Speech--but it is just as significant. Last time I heard it live it was with over 100,000 others, in Central Park. Now I will catch it again tomorrow night (David Zinman also doing the Symphony No. 2 and Peter Serkin helping out on Stravinsky "Capriccio) at Lincoln Center, in great seats that just now popped up at their web site. A Vienna Phil version below. Now, as any lead singer in a rock band might declare: "Get out or yer seat and dance!"

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