Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Greatest Concert Ever

As I've written extensively online (and now in our new book), the greatest concert ever staged--in terms of enduring significance--took place over 200 years ago, on a fabled cold December night in Vienna in 1808. That evening Beethoven debuted not just his Fifth and Sixth ("Pastoral") symphonies, but also the astounding Piano Concerto No. 4.  Oh, and the Choral Fantasy. And part of his Mass in C Major. And he improvised at the piano, too. It went on far too long, the musicians were under-rehearsed, a candle may have been knocked off the piano.  But no matter.  I've always enjoyed this brief clip from a three-hour BBC docu-drama about LvB from a few years back that covers the concert while also also offering a credible depiction of an irascible Ludwig:

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